Who is kindgirlco. for?

  • Despite the femininity in our name, KindGirlco. is unisex. We use fragrances that are androgynous. Meant for feminine and masculine.

  • It is clear that global change is an issue. We live by our motto and do not use any plastic in our products. KindGirlco is for the person who is conscious of the environment and its sustainability.

  • Moisture is very important for vitality and keeping your skin youthful. Our products never dry out or burn the skin, which is a clear sign of how moisturizing they are for your skin.

  • After an active workout and shower, it feels amazing to restore and revitalize your skin. Our ingredients actively restore and hydrate your skin, leaving your skin silky soft and smooth.

  • There are healing benefits to botanical oils. Which is what we make most of our products with. Every time you apply this, you are healing your skin.


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